Founded in 2007




Line up 1200+,the whole China!




More than 90 cities around the world



More than 300 stores have been opened





1、DAYU catering was established in 2007 and has become an internationally renowned catering enterprise

2、More than 300 stores have been opened in more than 90 cities around the world

3、Landed in the United States, southeast Asia and other cities in 2018, reaching the world gradually.

4、More than 100,000 customers line up for meals every month, with more than 10 million fans

5、Currently, there are more than 15,000 employees

Company core values


Let Dayu catering to the world


Let partners of DAYU catering change life with hard work and live a happy life

core values

Create a growth platform for employees

Create experience value for customers

Create returns for partners

Create social value for society

The spirit of enterprise

Dare to undertake important tasks, unity and cooperation, upstream, optimistic endeavour

Development innovation

Business philosophy of the company

Eat in China, taste in sichuan. Dayu catering, founded in 2007, is a business "characteristic Sichuan flavor" chain enterprises. After 10 years of development, the company has formed a series of features in operation and management, and a number of large national chain stores have been operating continuously.With the help of many Sichuan cookers , the company's product quality is more assured and more distinctive features. For ten years, customers have been queuing up for dinner every day, forming a unique line of queuing in Dayu. The company's future development plan will adhere to the chain as the guidance, through direct sales, franchising and other ways, to form linked chain system of a unified image, quality, management, publicity, unity, benefit sharing, heart and hand.


10 years actual combat system

From entrepreneurship to the healthy cycle of the Dayu system and through countless market , demonstration, it sum up the Dayu self-system, the realization of the operation of the Internet the headquarters platform can supervise the management system of each store remotely.

1. Food safety management system

2. Talent incubation system

3. Personnel management system

4. Marketing planning system

5. Financial management system

6. Preparatory management system

7. Operation management system

8. Supply management system

9. Product development system

10. Remote management system

The culture of Dayu

Treat employees like family

Treat guests like family

Change your fate with your hands

Bring social value with your hands

Make it fair, just and open

Enterprises of value to society

Military culture (with pictures)

Family culture (with pictures)

Campus culture (with photos of meeting and examination)

Honorary photos of the enterprise

queuing grand picture of DAYU





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