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Joining Process

Step 1 Inquiry

1. Visit company website

2. Call Overseas Business Unit Hotline: 400-009-0177

3. Add Overseas Business Unit QQ: 2443310433

4.  Add Overseas Business WeChat: XSN7877

Step 2 Visit Physical Stores and Determine the Intention to Join

Franchisees can choose the following ways to the intention brand stores for further visits

1. Visit physical store on your own   2. Visit physical store after remote consultation with the notice from the headquarters 

Step 3 Fill Out the Joining Application Form

1. After having a certain understanding of the brand, contact the company's overseas business unit representative and fill out the joining application form

2. Designate Contact Representative and Contact Details

Yanping Du

Job Title: Overseas Business Manager    Cell/WeChat: 18780295917

QQ: 2443310433                 Email:

Step 4 Review of Franchisees

1. Review process

After the headquarters receives the joining application form filled out by the franchisee, the representative of the overseas business unit will do initial review. After the initial review is approved, the representative of the overseas business unit will report to the directors of the company for the second review.  

Time of Initial Review: 3 days; Time of Second Review: 5 days

North America   Washington USA

Asia   More than 300 stores in more than90 Chinese cities

Shanghai Beijing Tianjin Zhejiang [Hangzhou Wenzhou Ningbo Shaoxing Jinhua Quzhou Taizhou Jiaxing]

Jiangsu [Nanjing Suzhou Wuxi Changzhou Yangzhou Nantong Huaian Yancheng Taizhou Lianyungang Suqian]

Anhui [Hefei Wuhu Anqing Chuzhou Maanshan] Fujian [Fuzhou Xiamen Ningde Putian Sanming Quanzhou]

Shandong [jinan Qingdao Yantai Jining Linyi Weifang Tengzhou] Liaoning [Shenyang] Ningxia [Yinchuan]

Yunnan [Kunming] Shanxi [Taiyuan Datong] Jiangxi [Nanchang Jiujiang Ganzhou] Guizhou [Guiyang]

Guangdong [Shenzhen Guangzhou Zhanjiang Foshan] Guangxi [Nanning] Xinjiang [Urumchi]

Heilongjiang [Harbin] Hubei [Wuhan Shiyan] Inner Mongolia [Hohhot Ordos]

Hunan [Changsha] Henan [Kaifeng] Shaanxi [Xi’an] Gansu [Lanzhou]

Step 5 Negotiate the Details of Joining

The approved franchisee will be invited by the representative of the overseas business unit to the headquarters for preliminary formal negotiations

Step 6 Payment of the Intention of Joining

After determining the intention to join, contact the representative of the overseas business unit, and pay 100,000 Yuan as the intention to join

Step 7 Brand Introductions

1. Company Philosophy

Create a platform for employees   Create experience value for customers    Create returns for franchisees

2. History of the company

Wuxi Dayu Food and Beverage Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007. It is a "characteristic Sichuan flavor" chain enterprise.

3. Future Planning of Company Brand

The company's future development planning will adhere to the chain-oriented through direct operation, franchising and other ways to build a chain system of image unification, quality unification, management unification, publicity unification, benefit sharing and hand-to-heart connection. 

4. Advantages of Cooperation

Advantages of Cooperation


No Elimination

Brand expansion

Featured Decoration Design

Logistics and Distribution

Equipment Distribution

Reduce Costs

Save Time

Successful Operating System

Extensive Management Experience

Good Training

A. Increase restaurant popularity quickly by taking advantage of the well-known headquarters brand

B. Learn quickly and effectively and accumulate management experience

C. Risk-free from elimination compared to independent operations

D. Reduced time spent in preparing and groping

E. Build a successful and proven operating system

F. Good training to help your future success

G. The business is easy to grow, to achieve brand expansion through the joining system。

H. Low operating costs with group procurement advantages

I. Unique restaurant design and decoration, equipment and logistics

Win-win Cooperation

※ The following data are domestic store data and are for reference only

1. Estimated total investment cost (exclude rental cost)

Exclude rental cost   total investment: 8000-10000 RMB/

2. Summary of all types of expense for single store brand

Dayu Hotpot Joining Fee 1,000,000 Yuan/Store, security deposit 100,000 Yuan/Store (Overseas Global Flat Price)

3. Investment income

Investment is risky, each country, every city, location is different, investment returns are different

Gross margin of cuisine

Average gross margin of cuisine is about 65%

6. Training and assistance

Headquarters offers complete training courses, including day-to-day store operations management, personnel management, financial management, security management, client relationship management. It makes you become the restaurant expert! 

Participants need to pay 35 Yuan /person/day for meals in the store, accommodation is not included (a guide for accommodation around the company's training locations will be provided).  

Franchises need to arrange store management to participate in company training with full course of 12000 Yuan/person (accommodation is not included. A guide for accommodation around the company's training locations will be provided. If you want to have meals in the store, you will be charged an additional 35 Yuan per person per day for a working meal). 

The company will send professionals to assist the store preparation according to the actual situation of the franchisee. 

Company will use some unified Equipment and Systems

Cashier system, monitoring system

Stores are authorized to purchase raw materials as following: 

Hotpot base, small ingredients, sanbao, red peppers, peppercorns, beef tallow, mushroom soup, meatballs, sesame oil 

※ Company delivers materials to designated ports in China. The franchisee is required to go through other product-related entry and exit procedures. 

7. The requirements for the franchisee 

a. Have a strong enterprising spirit, have a certain of management experience

b. Have a certain understanding of the catering industry, a certain understanding of the franchise chain

c. Have some understanding of the company, agree with the business philosophy of the company 

d. Dedicate to the operation and management of the shop, can accept continuous promotion training

e. Have good reputation and financial strength, no bad political background

f. Any investment is risky, and there should be a sense of risk in the catering industry.

g. Good communication skills, can be bound by the contract

h. Honest and and trustworthy, strict compliance with the contract to fulfill obligations

Step 8 Site Selection Instructions

Important Reference Factors of Store Location

1. Is the surrounding convenient for public transport, parking, etc.

2. Surrounding entertainment, life and other comprehensive facilities

3. Surrounding traffic, group comprehensive consumption capacity assessment

※The company may arrange for relevant professionals to visit the actual site of the store and give relevant evaluation recommendations

Area Range

300-600 is the best 

Based on the actual area of use

Step 9 Sign a Formal Joining Contract

The franchisee and the head of the overseas business unit sign the franchise contract at the company's headquarters

Step 10 Design Connection

1. Overseas business unit will submit the CAD drawings of project shopping mall location

2. Overseas business unit will connect with designer for on-site reexamination

3. Overseas business unit and engineering department will be tracking the front office and full set of drawings of the kitchen

Step 12 Preparation

Step 15 Opening

Trial business cycle: commissioning, trial business, official opening

Step 16 Official Opening

Wuxi Dayu Food and Beverage Management Co., Ltd. Organization Chart


National Limited Franchise: 400-009-0177





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